Catherine Sieck is an artist and gardener, her art practice is in conversation with her work on land. 

"These densely woven, narrative paper pieces come from a chronicling practice, which helps to situate me in the middle of this particular tangle that is my life. The process of making these pieces feels like a form of tracking or map-making. It is a connect-the-dots practice, which helps me to notice and mark the many synchronicities, births and deaths unfolding all around us all the time. Each piece is the record of a specific time, in a particular place, depicting the intimate and mundane details of landscapes with attention to seasonality, animal sightings, dreams, relationships, everyday rituals, food, and wild places. 

Paper-cutting illuminates the threads that run through tangled chaos, literally clearing space and making room for light to move though, as well as producing images that cast a shadow version of themselves. Gardening hones my attention to the intimate details of things, puts me in direct contact with the life-death-life cycle, and is an endless source of beauty and potent mirroring of what is emerging in my internal life."

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